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Nobody Trashes Tennessee is a litter prevention campaign by the Tennessee Department of Transportation. It was created with a few goals - raise awareness about Tennessee's litter problem, stop littering, and build state pride. The goal for TDOT is to create a new loyalty program to emphasize the core characteristics of litter prevention in a fun, engaging way. The solution proposed is a mobile application applied with gamification. Gamification, especially mobile games, can make full use of customers' fragmentation time because of its convenient experience.

Tennessee Department of Transportation
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The Atkins Group
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The Challenge

Create a program that Tennesseans can participate in at any level to educate and raise awareness about Tennessee's litter problem through a gamified experience. Include a badge point system, challenges, prizes, and competition on this app.


Comparative Analysis: To understand how to improve the interaction on the application for the loyalty program, I looked into competitors that offered the same services. I looked at the Starbucks & Duligula, which provided the badges point system, analyzing them to reverse engineer it. 

I focused on who to design for and what features and functionalities the app should offer by looking at the different platforms. 


User Story: Gamification is based on the needs of people. The core of it is to promote internal drive. The game also allows more incentive to earn points for prizes, which will shift user driving factors. 


User Flow: I outlined the pain points and created an architecture information system outlining the features that need to be developed. Which also allowed me to focus on the main screens to pitch to the client. Please note, this will later be expanded with more screens.

Final Stage

Screens - Iterations Round 1 

  1. Onboarding: The onboarding pages gave an overview of the app and educated new users on the core values of the TDOT Nobody Trashes Tennessee campaign.  
  2. Dashboard: The dashboard will give the users an overview of status, badges, and notifications on upcoming events. 
  3. Badges: The badge page will serve as an education section that will have users understand the point system. This page will serve as an overview of all the rules, points, and rewards. 
  4. Awards: The Award page will have all the prizes users can cash in for with their earned points.