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Visit Plano is the destination for family, meeting, and day trip fun. You can find unique attractions, a multitude of restaurants, and shopping all in one city. The Atkins Group digital and creative team was assigned to redesign the Visit Plano website. Project context: Redesign a website that showcases the current tools, also creates a unique personalized experience for each individual that navigates the site.

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The Challenge

Strategies like card sorting, data analytics, and client feedback helped our digital team identify the site pain points. Navigation, calendar, and the user scroll time weigh in on our redesign. The team discovered that the site could benefit from persona-driven tools. The issue then shifted to where and how we can implement these discoveries. I created wireframes that reflected these challenges that showcase different scenarios on how the user would be identified and personalized. Client feedback narrowed down to 3 wireframes. As a result, the final design was a melting pot of all three wireframes that included the main modules from each layout.

Users Cases.

The personas account for family travel, a girlfriend getaway travel, meetings travel, sports travel, and day-tripper travel.

  • Family Travel: A user with a family often with younger children is interested in a safe, fun, and memorable travel.  
  • Girlfriend getaway Travel: Users often a group of women who are looking to bond with their friends and release the stress of work and family.
  • Meeting Travel: Users who are traveling for business
  • Sports Travel: Users who are in youth-adult sports that will travel to Plano for a competition, tournament or game. 
  • Day-tripper travel:  Users who are local or from nearby cities (Dallas, Garland, Arlington, Denton) who will journey to Plano for a full day.
Visit Plano Personas

The Design Process.


Final Designs.

The new website reflects new colors, buttons, and updated layouts. A calendar module that populates filtered events by upcoming, featured, and all. Not to mention, a new interactive banner that resolves the persona challenges. The interactive banner connects with the Visit Plano CRM system. The banner functions when the user visits the specialty tagged pages. Conditions are set to the corresponding tag and mark the users. The new site will be up in October 2020.