St. David's Medical | Graphic Design

St. David’s HealthCare includes seven of the area’s leading hospitals and is one of the largest health systems in Texas. St. David's HealthCare mission statement: "To provide exceptional care to every patient every day with a spirit of warmth, friendliness, and personal pride." St. David's HealthCare tasked The Atkins Group digital team to provide new digital designs for their social media campaigns while following the brand guideline and brand integrity.

St. David's Medical Center
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The Atkins Group
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The Challenge

Create a digital carousel ad to show alongside the videos and current campaigns. One campaign targeted new moms, and the goal was to create a message for new moms to have their babies check in with St. Davids hospital. The second campaign targeted obesity; the campaign goal was to create a message for patients to start their weight loss journey at St. David's hospital. The challenge, merge these two messages on to a campaign that will resonate with the users.

Final Designs.

The designs I created were modern and minimal. I utilize lifestyle imagery to showcase the scenario. Each slide helps the user understand the message and tell a story.